Did You Know? Hazardous and Green Chemistries and Unique Technologies

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INFA Group owns assets in Italy (Labochim and Sifavitor) and in Spain (Derivados Quimicos).  All sites are FDA-acceptable and they offer contract manufacturing opportunities based on a total reaction volume of almost 180’000 US gal (exactly 670 m3).

INFA owns Technologies and capabilities addressing hazardous chemistries in cGMP European Plants:
·        Sodium metallic: up to 330 lb. (150 Kg) per batch
·        Bromine: up to 3’300 lb. (1500 Kg) per batch
·        Chlorine: up to 3’300 lb. (1500 Kg) per batch
·        Cyanide: up to 2’200 lb. (1000 Kg) per batch
·        Large scale Hydrogenations (10 reactors, total volume 4’400 gal -16.7 m3 from 50 to 10 bar)
·        Large scale oxidation with H2O2 and MnO2

INFA has invested in Greener Chemistry (better environment - lower cost):
·        Large scale product purification using nanofiltration and reverse osmosis
·        Solvent recovery through pervaporation membranes

INFA has developed new technologies for large scale productions
·        Biotransformations

Infa regards Life Sciences and contract manufacturing product supply to Western Pharmaceutical companies as a viable and growing business, in a long term perspective, thanks to its highly experienced R&D Team, the close cooperation with four European Universities and strong regulatory and customer oriented service team:
·        63 US DMFs
·        13 Japanese DMFs
·        29 COS/CEP (5 pending)
·        146 products: 120 APIs (4 on exclusive basis) and 26 intermediates (all exclusive)
·        Total capacity output more than 2’200 Metric Tons!


Please visit the Infa website at www.infagroup.com to learn more!



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